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No job is too big or too small. Want to get rid of that dated popcorn texture look? No problem, we have you covered. How about removing wallpaper? Yes, We can do it all. From minor stress crack repair to new construction, our tapers and drywall finishers are able to quickly and cleanly repair any imperfection. We specialize in custom texture matching and wall refinishing.

Want to reduce the sound transmission between rooms? Our team is experienced in the application and installation of sound deadening wall systems.


We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality workmanship and products possible. Residential or Commercial, Interior or exterior, we have the experience and equipment to transform your home or business into a work of art.

We do new construction panting, apartment repainting, custom door and window finishing, stain application, cabinet refinishing (paint), exterior painting, and more.

Whatever your budget, we can make your project look like new!

We discovered a sewage leak in our crawl space. I started by calling many different work men individually (like calling a plumber directly). Due to the hazardous waste, most organizations were not equipped to help me. Finally, I called Henry's Services. They were able to come see the problem, then call the correct organizations so start getting things fixed. Once things were fixed enough for them to come in they came promptly and explained things as we went. I felt they did a very good job.

- Amanda Dunham